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Planbar - Precast engineering course

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Precast software is a high-performance BIM application for the precast concrete industry in 2D and 3D. It contains Planbar and TIM modules. Planbar 2020 was used to produce this tutorials.

Planbar is a comprehensive solution for high-quality, industrialized precast parts modelling and design. From series production right up to complex architectural elements and specialist parts, it features many automated processes allowing faster workflow and reducing time-demanding activities.

TIM - Technical Information Manager makes information and planning functions available centrally for all company divisions on the basis of 3D models. This relation between 3D models and production machines increases the efficiency and accelerates your work.

In this course you will learn:

In these video tutorials you will learn the basic principle of working with Precast Planbar, its advantages and adaptation to the factory demands. You will also learn how to model elements, draw reinforcement and generate production drawings through our examples; hollow core slabs, double walls and iParts elements (columns, beams and staircases).

The course is intended for beginners.

Requirements: software installation.

 This course contains 5 modules:

  • Precast - Structural precast elements (10 videos & 8 exams)
  • Precast - TIM basics (4 videos & 2 exams)
  • Precast - Precast hollow core (7 videos & 4 exams)
  • Precast - Double wall (6 videos & 6 exams)